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Nicky- Lead Vocals

Nicky has been a professional performer all her life, ranging from being a professional roller skater to performing in musical theatre. The reason the band has its name is because Nicky was one of the original dancers in the popular TV show The Hitman and Her. Nicky's astonishingly powerful vocals drive the band, and her experience and professionalism link each song seamlessly.

Perry- Lead Guitar 

Perrigrino D'Souza has added a bagful of sexy licks, cheesy riffs and mind-blowing solos to the band. Perry has played all over the world, mainly the UAE and brings a Masters Degree in Music with him. An absolute gentleman of a human being and a genius on the six string.

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Alex- Keyboard & Vocals

full-time professional musician and all round nice guy. This guy changes a song, into an 80's song with his endless suite of synthesized sound effects. There are no backing tracks used in the band, just the awesome talent and fingertips of Alex. If that wasn't enough, Alex also brings superb backing vocals to the 80's party.

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Lee- Bass

In November 2018, Lee sent a message to Alan saying, "I want to start an 80s band, are you in?" He then approached Josh who he'd worked with before. Netting Alex and Nicky was a tad more difficult, but the rest is history. Lee supplies the driving bass lines to the pie that really should be played on a synth!

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Alan- Drums & Vocals

Alan is a seasoned drummer with bag loads of experience working the local circuit and beyond. He provides the rhythmic beats that draw folk to the dance floor. He also provides amazing backing vocals that compliment Nicky and Alex perfectly.